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Don’t know how many days without.

It has been to many days without anything and I am back to being fatigued, tired as hell by 2:00 PM waking up exhausted going to bed exhausted and craving Red Bull so HRT works but god forbid if you … Continue reading

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What a racket!! And it is legal for them!!

I know there have been several questions as to why I did not go throught the medical establishment and this is why. I contacted a Dr. Lisa Gorn via the internet, as I was looking for someone that worked in … Continue reading

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No AndroForte :(

Well it has been about 4-5 weeks since I had any AndroForte and I will say that this weekend was an eye opener. I am starting to see signs of the fatigue again the facial squints and for the most part everything going back to … Continue reading

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About 5 Days of Tribulus

Well I won’t say this product has no effect at all, because it does. But I will say it is nothing compared to actual testosterone if you can get it. This one like many others is a booster or enhancer and it … Continue reading

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Well I am sad to say that AndroForte has refunded my money and I will have to persue a different avenue I guess at this point. I do have in hand a product that I am sure some of you … Continue reading

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HCG1234 BS

I know that some people claim to get results from the HCG, but I did the ultimate sin in test, I just used the product and did not lower my intake from what it was on a normal day. That is not … Continue reading

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Day Unknown

Well I have been without any AndroForte for about 3+ weeks now, I have felt pretty good considering all of this. I feel like my T levels are still up from where they were before the treatment which is kind … Continue reading

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