22 Months of Pellets Update

I have not updated in a long time so a lot to cover but I’ll try and keep it simple.

HRT- Pellets

I have been on the pellets for 22 months now and I have put in 7 set so far. Last set was put in 7 weeks ago. For those that are interested when I first started they said maybe 3-4 sets a year so I put the first set in October then the second set in February, then a set in June. I talked to the doctor and told here I wanted to do them closer together and she kind of pushed it off but I rescheduled and went back in September and did another set. Once I got the ones closer together I really started to notice the best improvement. I did the next set in February again then May and then July.

That the regiment that I have been on so what about the effects. Let me start with sex drive because I think that is on of the first things you can really tell a difference in. After the second set sex drive was back to what it was maybe 7-8 years earlier. Back then I would have sex 2-3 times a week and it would take a lot of encouragement to get me interested and erect. And even then most of the pleasure had gone out of the sex. After the third set the high and low had kind of stabilized. What I am talking about is it would take about 2 weeks for the pellets to kick in then they would peak in about 4 weeks and then fall of to where before you got the next set you would feel like you were back to zero again. When I got the 3 set I did feel it fall off but not back to nothing. Initially around week 4-6 I would wake up with erections during the night every night weeks before that and weeks after that I would wake up with erections as well but it would be more infrequent and by the end of the cycle not at all. Once I got the forth set closer together thats when it started to stabilize I did not need two weeks for them to kick in and they did not fall of and that has held true to today.

Sex once I got the drive and ability stabilized there was still something lacking. I should cover something here I think drive and ability was back but not like when you are late teens and early 20’s where every sight would send your mind to sex. I don’t know about all of you but I really miss that but I have not found a way to get the levels high enough to get that back. Back to my original statement something was still lacking so I started reading and found nothing. I could have sex I could want sex but it was kind of flat not much to it. Long story short had a friend give me a Cialis on day. He had no idea of any of the treatments I was doing, just bragged how well it worked. I took his 10mg tablet and he had stated that you only need about half but you can take a whole if you want. Well i tried it at the half dose rate. I want to preface this with the fact that I have no ED but I will talk about what it did for me next but for now the point of this is just that it gave sex back the pleasure that had been missing. I don’t understand how or why but when I had sex it was good.

Cialis – Not sure where to start here but I will try and give you a break down of what it does for me. First off side effects because everyone wants to talk about them. The only one I can give you and it will say it in big RED letters on the bottle is Headache. It will give you a slight headache but not one that two Bayer aspirins  won’t cure. I found that taking them before bed you seem to sleep through the headache. But lets talk about sleep, I have great, bizarre ??? dreams. At first they would be sex dreams now they are just dreams some about sex but most are just bizarre dreams. One last side effect is your dick will carry much heavier and fuller most of the time, reaction time will be cut in at least half. So those are the side effects I have experienced take them for what you will.

Dosage – I have done 1/4 tablet to full tablet. I have done 1/4 every day, 1/2 every other and 1 tablet from every day to every 4-5 days, I have found 1/2 tablet to be the best dosage and I only take them when I want to and they will give me 2-3 days. So if I know we are very busy or she is on her period I will most likely skip them.

This is not a commercial for Cialis but it is just one thing I am using that has really worked. I say that because I have used the others and got little to nothing but a headache from them and when I go looking for information this kind of information seems to be very hard to come by.

Weight Loss – After about my 3rd set I decided to get some weight off I am about 5’10” and weighed 235+-. I dropped back down to 200-205 and held there it took about 4-5 months to get down there, just a change of diet no magic pill or shot. That being said I did use DHEA to get the last 10 pounds off and I can not tell you for sure that the DHEA did it or just the extreme calorie restriction did it, either way it came off.

Exercise – I hired a trainer and started going to the gym about 3 days a week. Now with this guy I did get my cardio back up a bit did not really gain any bulk, because he was not very good. I changed trainers after 6 months and got one that knows what he’s doing. I have been with him since January I have put on a good bit of muscle about 15-20 pounds and feel great.

One reason I mention the weight loss and exercise is my first visit with Dr. Anna Rosinsha I told her I would love to loose some weight and get back in shape but I did not have the energy to do either and with this treatment regiment I do have the energy to do both. This has not been cheap to do, and it irritates me that I get no credit on my medical insurance for pay cash to get this done but I would do it no matter what after seeing what it has done for me.

Just a few things that I have seen change, dry eyes no more, the first time I gave blood for a blood test it took 20 minutes to get enough for the test it came out like mud, I just did a blood test this morning and she filed 6 viles in about 1.5 minutes and it flowed just perfect and great color. Mood is much better, almost zero lows where before there were almost no highs. And I have had no side effects of the treatment to date, and again there were a lot of people that kept saying “Oh wait for the side effects”.


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