HCG1234 BS

I know that some people claim to get results from the HCG, but I did the ultimate sin in test, I just used the product and did not lower my intake from what it was on a normal day. That is not to say that I eat an excessive amount of calories on a normal basis. My weight has stayed the same more or less for years now so that is not a big deal. For me if this product does what it says it will you would loose something just by using it and I did not and my wife did not.

Now to back this up I used a calorie counter for one week, I put in my weight, age all that stuff and told it that I just wanted to loose weight but was not going to exercise and it came back with an amount of calories I could eat in a day and encourage weight loss. So every day I put in my foods and looked at my calories, which was my normal diet, and every day I was under what it said I could consume. So I figure that was a good starting point, but I did not drop a single pound.

When I took the HCG I could not feel anything, but it did seem so constipate you a bit, but other than that nothing at all. So I have several bottles of HCG1234 and anyone wants them.

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