What a racket!! And it is legal for them!!

I know there have been several questions as to why I did not go throught the medical establishment and this is why.

I contacted a Dr. Lisa Gorn via the internet, as I was looking for someone that worked in the BHRT industry and she was about as close to me as they come. Now to follow up she is about a 6-7 hour drive from me so keep that in mind when I tell you the rest of the story.

I sent in my request form on a Sunday night I got a call from her office Tuesday morning. I was very busy and did not reconize the number but I answered anyway, and it was her office. I was right in the middle of something and kind of had the person hold on for just a moment so that I could finish what I had going on. Right away she wanted to just email me the info and get off the phone. I got finished and had a few minutes to ask her a few simple questions.

First off I wanted to know how we started, first thing out of her mouth was blood test is 600.00 dollars then we will do an initial office visit that is 400.00 dollars. I said where can I do the blood test and you will have to forgive me but I don’t recall if she could schedule it somewhere close or if I had to go to her office  either way might not have been a big deal. I said fine once I get the blood test done then what. We schedule an appointment here in the office, I asked how soon we could do that answer November sometime. So next question is followup appointments, she said first year 5-7 visits in her office at 275.00 per visit. I asked and then after that she said 3-4 a year at 275.00 per visit. All this time she kept wanting to just send me an email, so finally I just agreed to let her send me an email. I asked if any of this might be covered under insurance and she said if I had insurance that I could submit the invoices and they might pay some of it.

Now all of that and we don’t even have a cost of treatment  just office visits, and again she is 6-7 hours away so that is 2 days away from work and an over night hotel plus office visit and I can’t even start till November.

So it is no wonder that BHRT is not a very popular deal not many people doing it, and only in major cites and not every major city at that. Plus cost is out of control if you ask me, I don’t mind paying for the product but I have a real problem paying that kind of money for someone to give me the product. That is all we would be paying for is the privilege to have access the product.

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