22 Months of Pellets Update

I have not updated in a long time so a lot to cover but I’ll try and keep it simple.

HRT- Pellets

I have been on the pellets for 22 months now and I have put in 7 set so far. Last set was put in 7 weeks ago. For those that are interested when I first started they said maybe 3-4 sets a year so I put the first set in October then the second set in February, then a set in June. I talked to the doctor and told here I wanted to do them closer together and she kind of pushed it off but I rescheduled and went back in September and did another set. Once I got the ones closer together I really started to notice the best improvement. I did the next set in February again then May and then July.

That the regiment that I have been on so what about the effects. Let me start with sex drive because I think that is on of the first things you can really tell a difference in. After the second set sex drive was back to what it was maybe 7-8 years earlier. Back then I would have sex 2-3 times a week and it would take a lot of encouragement to get me interested and erect. And even then most of the pleasure had gone out of the sex. After the third set the high and low had kind of stabilized. What I am talking about is it would take about 2 weeks for the pellets to kick in then they would peak in about 4 weeks and then fall of to where before you got the next set you would feel like you were back to zero again. When I got the 3 set I did feel it fall off but not back to nothing. Initially around week 4-6 I would wake up with erections during the night every night weeks before that and weeks after that I would wake up with erections as well but it would be more infrequent and by the end of the cycle not at all. Once I got the forth set closer together thats when it started to stabilize I did not need two weeks for them to kick in and they did not fall of and that has held true to today.

Sex once I got the drive and ability stabilized there was still something lacking. I should cover something here I think drive and ability was back but not like when you are late teens and early 20’s where every sight would send your mind to sex. I don’t know about all of you but I really miss that but I have not found a way to get the levels high enough to get that back. Back to my original statement something was still lacking so I started reading and found nothing. I could have sex I could want sex but it was kind of flat not much to it. Long story short had a friend give me a Cialis on day. He had no idea of any of the treatments I was doing, just bragged how well it worked. I took his 10mg tablet and he had stated that you only need about half but you can take a whole if you want. Well i tried it at the half dose rate. I want to preface this with the fact that I have no ED but I will talk about what it did for me next but for now the point of this is just that it gave sex back the pleasure that had been missing. I don’t understand how or why but when I had sex it was good.

Cialis – Not sure where to start here but I will try and give you a break down of what it does for me. First off side effects because everyone wants to talk about them. The only one I can give you and it will say it in big RED letters on the bottle is Headache. It will give you a slight headache but not one that two Bayer aspirins  won’t cure. I found that taking them before bed you seem to sleep through the headache. But lets talk about sleep, I have great, bizarre ??? dreams. At first they would be sex dreams now they are just dreams some about sex but most are just bizarre dreams. One last side effect is your dick will carry much heavier and fuller most of the time, reaction time will be cut in at least half. So those are the side effects I have experienced take them for what you will.

Dosage – I have done 1/4 tablet to full tablet. I have done 1/4 every day, 1/2 every other and 1 tablet from every day to every 4-5 days, I have found 1/2 tablet to be the best dosage and I only take them when I want to and they will give me 2-3 days. So if I know we are very busy or she is on her period I will most likely skip them.

This is not a commercial for Cialis but it is just one thing I am using that has really worked. I say that because I have used the others and got little to nothing but a headache from them and when I go looking for information this kind of information seems to be very hard to come by.

Weight Loss – After about my 3rd set I decided to get some weight off I am about 5’10” and weighed 235+-. I dropped back down to 200-205 and held there it took about 4-5 months to get down there, just a change of diet no magic pill or shot. That being said I did use DHEA to get the last 10 pounds off and I can not tell you for sure that the DHEA did it or just the extreme calorie restriction did it, either way it came off.

Exercise – I hired a trainer and started going to the gym about 3 days a week. Now with this guy I did get my cardio back up a bit did not really gain any bulk, because he was not very good. I changed trainers after 6 months and got one that knows what he’s doing. I have been with him since January I have put on a good bit of muscle about 15-20 pounds and feel great.

One reason I mention the weight loss and exercise is my first visit with Dr. Anna Rosinsha I told her I would love to loose some weight and get back in shape but I did not have the energy to do either and with this treatment regiment I do have the energy to do both. This has not been cheap to do, and it irritates me that I get no credit on my medical insurance for pay cash to get this done but I would do it no matter what after seeing what it has done for me.

Just a few things that I have seen change, dry eyes no more, the first time I gave blood for a blood test it took 20 minutes to get enough for the test it came out like mud, I just did a blood test this morning and she filed 6 viles in about 1.5 minutes and it flowed just perfect and great color. Mood is much better, almost zero lows where before there were almost no highs. And I have had no side effects of the treatment to date, and again there were a lot of people that kept saying “Oh wait for the side effects”.


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Pellets 3rd dose 1 Month and 2 Weeks in.

I am 6 weeks into the third dose of pellets and can honestly say never felt better. I am still on the same diet if you want to call it that and I have lost 25 pounds so far. It slowed down quite a bit for about 3 weeks just kind of hung there not really going up or down and it has started to go down again.

As for the pellets and T levels I am going to try and get a prescription to get blood work done this week just to use as a measurement tool. I’ll post the results when I get them.

I did get a shot this morning for injectable Testosterone this morning. I did 1mL in two different location a .5mL per location. I decided to do this for one reason only actually. I was having a conversation on Friday with my chiropractor and he is the one that recommended looking at T levels in the first place I think he is on them but not sure. But he was commenting on the fact that there are not high levels and no one actually knows what each person needs to be like they were. Now that being said my doctor made that exact statement when I get my first set of test results back. She said they are low but I don’t know what a high level would be for you because I don’t have results from when you were young.

All of that being said, my wife commented yesterday morning about the fact that if I had all this pent up energy when I was young she could not understand what I did with it. Thats when I thought, no I had more than this when I was young so why should I settle for just as good as it is now if it could be better. So I gave my self a boost and I’ll let you know how it goes on top of where I am now.

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Third Treatment of Pellets (First time with shots)

I opted for the pellets again and so far have not been disappointed. I am about two and a half weeks into them now and they are starting to ramp up like they should. On a side note I did get a prescription for injectiable testosterone, I am not sure what these numbers stand for but just incase someone wants to know I have the 200 not the 100, I assume the 200 is twice as strong as the 100 but again not sure about that.  I got it to supplement the down time when the pellets start to fall off and when they have not taken effect after being installed.

I did use it about two days after having the pellets installed. I started with .75mL got a  little effect from it but only lasted about 24 hours or less then in three days I followed it up with 1mL not much effect so in another 3 days I did 1.5mL in the afternoon and then the next day I did another .5mL. After this treatment it kicked in very good and lasted about 5-6 days no problem. Sex drive was good and strong, erections were very rigid and long lasting. In fact we were out of town that weekend and about two days after the last injection we had sex three times that saturday and then sunday again three times. But sunday we had sex twice in the morning then drove home and had sex again that night and again the next morning. It lasted like this for about 3-4 more days but the opportunity to have sex was not there and it eventually wore off again. I did not use any until this last saturday but again I only used .75mL and a little bump but not like if I had used a high dose.

I point this out in case someone is getting injections at the doctor or something like that and not getting much results. I think the medical profession is very conservative in this treatment. I ask the doctor what would be the normal treatment and she said between .75mL and 1.25mL once a week or smaller doses twice a week. I can tell you now that I would be disappointed with the results if that was the dose I had taken. And I am also on the pellets, granted they are not in full effect yet but getting close now. I know a man that was taking the shots he was getting 1mL every two weeks and said oh I felt great first day or two and then nothing again. Well I am sure that is about right its just not enough to do much good.

Back to the pellets, I would still do the pellets over the shots based on what I have experienced with the shots. They can kick in good and strong but you need a big enough dose to do it and they fall off pretty quick. The pellets are slow to come on but once they do they stay consistent from day to day. There is no yoyo effect, you can travel with out taking syringes and needles with you and once they are installed you are done for about 4  months. Based on what I spent for the injectable and the syringes and I give them to myself so no cost there it would be about twice the cost of the pellets to get the shots.

Just an FYI the high dose I did of 1.5mL was to much in one spot it made it very sore the next day and took a couple of days to recover. If I do that again I will do it in two spots for sure. And I still take my 100mg of DHEA, if I miss a day of it right now while everything is still coming on line I can tell for sure once the pellets are in full swing it’s not that noticeable but still I can tell.


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Second Pellets 2 Months 1 Week 4Days

I have not posted anything in a while but thought I would update just a little.

First off if I remember right the last dose, my first set of pellets, only lasted about three months so I am only a few weeks away from that number now. This dose has been going strong no problems.

I wake with a strong erection, I can have sex morning, noon, or night and most day twice a day if I want.

Energy levels are very good no mid day fade at all and no fatigue it has all been very good.

The wife went last week for checkup and Dr. asked how we were doing said very good and now she said lets move on to some weight loss. I said sounds good to me. She gave us a simple plan. The plan is one that we have used before maybe 8-9 years ago so we went back on it with a few new twist.

The first time we did it we just watched food, we are doing that this time also but we have added calories to the mix and are following them as well.

We have been doing the diet a week on Friday and today is Wednesday so just short of a week. I have lost about 2-3 pounds and the wife has lost 3-5 scales are not real reliable but it is coming off a little at a time. Actually much faster than I thought so I am surprised a bit. I will post what we are doing on the diet in a separate post.

I talked to the Dr. about not doing the pellets next time and doing the shots. She said there was not much difference as long as I could give my self a shot. Which I can do so she said it was about the same as far as effectiveness. I think I will do the shots next time around because the implants are quite an ordeal to be doing the next 20 years 4 times a year or so.

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Second Pellets

I got my second set of pellets installed today. It has been about just short of 18 weeks since the first set. I set up the next appointment for 4 months out.

I got all test results except the Testosterone. Lab dropped the ball on that one I guess so as soon as I get all of them I will post them up and explain.

I am hoping since I am already on the pellets that this one will not take as long to become active in the system. It took about two weeks to be real strong and if I remember right it was almost a month before I quit using the cream. I have not used any cream at all since that last time.

I am still taking 100mg of DHEA a day, until recently and I have taken 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night. Not every day but about every two or three days.

I can feel a little increase in T levels now but I will update later on today I want to give it a full 24 hours to give good feed back on it.


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Pellets and Treatment Update 14 Weeks and One day after

As the title implies it has been 14 weeks since it got the pellets inserted and I will try and describe those 14 weeks.

Week one was kind of weird as did not affect the sex drive that much but affected the attitude a lot it seemed. Felt a little agressive at times, this wore off after the first week but was really bad first 3 or 4 days.

From there till about week 10 sex drive kept getting better and I started feeling much better. At about week 4 I was for the most part off the cream, I might use it every 4-5 days. At about week five, no cream at all I could have sex anytime I wanted with no problem and more than once a day also no problem.

Around week 10 or 11 I could tell it was slowing down a little could still have sex when I wanted but sometime only once a day or so. By week 13 could only have sex in the mornings and desire was really low.

It’s now week 14+ can have sex every couple of days in the mornings but that is about it, desire is low as well but kind of bounces up and down from day to day.

I missed one appointment because I did not get my lab work done in time, I am scheduled to go in on the 11th for Dr. appointment and should get another install of pellets and will update on that ASAP.

On a side note I did go back on my thyroid pills and I am taking Vitamin D and DHEA 100mg a day on the DHEA. Sometimes I will take one 100mg tab in the morning and then a 100mg tab in the evening but only about once a week or so on that seems to help a little.

I got some of my results back the same day that I did the test none of the hormone test are back but the Hemoglobin is high, as well as the Hematocrit but best I can tell related to dehydration more that anything else will update on that soon.

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Testosterone Pellets

On October 25th, 2011 I made a visit, scheduled, to my Doctor and I had made up my mind that I was going to get the pellets injected.

I did not know what it would take to get it done but I knew that I wanted to give them a try because the cream was inconsistent and a real pain to apply. I would forget one day and do it at night one day and in the morning one day, it was just difficult to keep up with.

The Procedure: I am sure that most people fear this part the most so I thought I would give you some idea of what is involved. First off they put them in your hip, the fatty or fleshy part on the side. The first thing she did was numb a large area about 2-3 inch area, then after it is numb and it will be numb pretty deep, they make a tiny incision with a scalpel. This must be very small because she closed it with a tiny butterfly bandage. Then she will load 2 or 3 pellets in a tube type needle. This needle is about .200 if I was guessing and they will slide it in what must be a inch or so along the dermal line about .25 inches deep best I can tell and then push them out of the tube. This part you can feel as they move into the flesh, but no pain just feel it. They repeat this process in three or four location around the numb circle from the same incision, so there is only one incision point.

You will feel the pellets being inserted but no pain to speak of at all. They close you like I said with a small butterfly bandage, a piece of tape of some kind and then a larger gauze bandage. You are supposed to remove the gauze the next day and then be healed in about two more days. I took off the gauze after the first day and covered it again with more gauze because it was still bleeding. It did bleed a little for the first 48 hours and was very sore the first 24 but after 72 just a little tender and then gone. With in the first week it was almost completely unnoticeable and after 10 days nothing at all. I received 10 pellets this time.

Cost well this you might want to know, first off a normal office visit is 200.00, since I did the injectable pellets my office visit was 600.00 that included the office work and the pellets. So cost is a bit more than cream because I could get about three months with of cream for about 150.00 and an office visit every 6 months so 400.00 a year for office visit and 600.00 a year for cream.

How long will they last, this is something I am wanting to see. I was told as much as 6 months but I was told to expect 3 months. I have a full set of prescriptions of cream to use as supplement if needed as I did not know if just the pellets would be enough or not.

Effects: It took effect within hours of injection, in fact the first 2 or 3 days seemed like it might be a bit much. I was feeling a bit aggressive and the sex drive was on the rise. After 4 or 5 days it leveled off and I have felt very good and extremely stable since then.

Energy Level: I have not noticed a giant change in energy levels since the pellets but I was taking about 1.5 mL to 2 mL of 20% cream at least once a day and most days a total of 3-5 mL a day in double doses so I had the cream up there a bit since I was prescribed 1.5 mL a day originally. Just for the record I went completely off the cream for about 10 days just to see how much it affected me and around day 8 I decided I would never do that again and when I went back on I started the first two day at normal dosage and then pushed it up hard with extra doses until I found what felt best and did not let it come back down again. It did take a little time to get back up after going off so I don’t want these pellets to run out at all.

Sex drive: I know there are a lot out there that might want to know about this and I might be a bit graphic for some but I want to portrait it as best I can so here goes. First off my wife of 12+ years is a very sexual person and really enjoys our sex together so she will take all I can give her. After pushing up the cream to a desirable level we were having sex about 5 out of 7 days at least once a day and 2 days or so we would have sex twice a day out of those 5 days. This was an average there were times we would go three days or so and not have time to have sex but it was no big deal for me just ready when we did have time the next time. After the pellets we had sex about normal the first day or so, I think I got them done on a Thursday, Friday night we spent most of the night having sex about three times between 7:00 PM and 3:00 AM. The next morning was Sunday that we did not have a whole lot we had to get done and by 9:00 PM that night we had sex 5 times and I had no problem staying erect at all. Most of the time the wife will initiate it and get me going and I think that morning she had done just that but the last three times it was all me. She was all grins at bed time Sunday night. Now it has not been that strong since but twice a day is not a big deal at all for me. There was a time where I went about three days and we did not have time to have full on sex just played around a bit, where I did not orgasm but she did. After about three days of this I was feeling very frustrated and getting aggressive and I have not felt this since I was in high school so something is working. I have not let myself go that long again and don’t plan to as well.

Just a note, as a male I have heard about the possibility of men having multiple orgasm’s but in all my years I have never done so, that is until now I have had my first multiple orgasm and if you ever can make it happen I WOULD DO SO you won’t for get it.

I still supplement a little with cream maybe every three or four days I will apply 2 mL, but I will say that I can’t really feel the effect of it like before so I am  not sure how much it is helping.

DHEA: I have gone back to taking about 50 mg of DHEA a day that is only in the last week or so and again not sure how much it helps but I think it is adding a little something to the mix.

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