Well I am sad to say that AndroForte has refunded my money and I will have to persue a different avenue I guess at this point.

I do have in hand a product that I am sure some of you may have used or at least read about, this is a product called Tribulus. I got it yesterday and took two straight away, and I will comment but not give credit to the product that I did have sex that night and did not have any problems at all. I have not been very interested in sex like I was before and that is sad from where I sit. I know I reference sex drive a lot in this but for me it’s not about the sex it is about the desire to have sex, I know that if the desire is up the the T levels are up as well so that I what I use for measuring stick if you will. I have not really had any fatigue problems since I went off the treatment which is kind of puzzling for me but I’ll take what I can get.

I have used the booster on and off not religiously since I ran out of AndroForte and I wanted to get off all of it to see how I felt and like I said I have felt fine just not much of a sex drive. I took two Tribulus toghether the first day and then one in the morning and one in the afternoon yesterday and did not feel anything at all from it. I did feel a little bit form the two together but nothing from one at a time. I want to go a few more day with just the Tribulus and then I will add some booster to the mix and see how that works.

I plan to take two this morning and see what it is like around lunch and go from there. The one I bought is from Life Smart Labs, Inc. if anyone wants to know.

P.S. the wife is asking to restock on the DHEA so I guess I will order another round of that she seems to like it pretty well.

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