Day 36 Evening

Well it has been about 3 days since I posted anything and I will say that I went back to two T cream treatments a day and that is a big difference. But I think I stated earlier in a post that I was not giving the B12 enough credit and I am sticking to that. Twice a day on the B12 also make a big difference especially in mental clarity I think. I just feel better and want to think about more stuff maybe not sure.

There is a problem with the T cream and I noticed this a few weeks back soon after I started the two treatments a day. That is I was applying it in the same place every day and when I went to twice a day in about 5 days I would notice that when I put it on at night I could feel it on my skin against the sheets or what ever would touch it. At first I did not think much about it but then I noticed this rash when I would shower that you could see when it got wet. So I switched legs and thought it would go away, well it has not gone away and is about the same as it was before I stopped applying in that area. Now it is on the other leg as well so this morning I switched to under my arm and tonight I will go to the other arm. I will have to see what happens with it, I am sure they will tell me that I am applying to much but who knows.

Now on an odd ball side note, since I had the rash I thought it might be dry skin so last night I applied a heavy dose of the Natural Radiance Testosterone booster to both legs. This morning I woke with more sex drive than I have had in 20 years. Not sure what that is all about but I guess the booster works really well if you have some available T to boost.

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