Day 1 Afternoon

I just want to clarify my dosage this morning I did 1ml of the T cream and all of my B12, D, DHEA and thyroid medicine.

Then around 12-1 I took a second DHEA dose, now at 6 I applied a .5ml of the T cream and followed it with the Natural radiance Booster just to help drive it in a little better. Then I took a second does of the B12 and the D vitamin.

I have been noticing a bit of a bump from the T cream and I know I need more just to get back on track and it might take a bit to get the system jump started, once I get it up and running I should be fine on a normal once daily dose of everything.

I did break down around 2 and drink a Red Bull as I was feeling tired and avoiding napping in the afternoon because I did not have time to stop. It is now about 6:00 PM and I feel pretty good and I think the second DHEA took a little while to kick in and I really want this second dose of T cream to go to work as well.

More later on.

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