Day 64 Night

To recap the last day, I did apply about 1mL of AndroForte last night and I did sleep very well. I am not sure that was due to the AndroForte or not but I have not applied any today at all and I am sitting here at mid night updating my blog because I can’t sleep.

I applied one dose of Booster this morning and that is all I have had all day. I felt fine all day no headaches or anything else. I did have sex, a little sex, this morning meaning neither one of us wanted to have an orgasm just enjoyed the sex, then we had sex later on in the day for about an hour so I had no problem having sex today at all. I might could of had sex tonight but it would have taken some work that is for sure. I think if I had applied some booster later on in the day I would have been fine.

I still have not received my new shipment of AndroForte and I am starting to think it is hung up in customs because I ordered three tubes this time and I am using a lot more that you would normally use. Not sure about all of that but based on how the last shipment posted it should have been here by Friday or Saturday at the latest and I bet it is not here tomorrow.

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